CS 441 Computer Architecture

Spring 1999 CS 441 Syllabus


Spring 1999 CS 441 Exam #1


Stalling's text's Figures   5th edition


Stalling's text Support Page  CO&A    5th Edition


Stalling's text Support Page  CO&A   7th Edition (updated link) 


Berkeley slides on Machine Structures,  Sp2007  (focus on weeks 9-15 ( 8 is more Digital Logic)


J. Herath's  Computer Architecture 2 slides


Patterson & Hennessy’s text Support Page  CO&D       3rd Edition




Berkeley CPU Information Center


Computer Architecture History



Useful Links

SPIM -  MIPS32 Simulator  (Download simulator and tutorial from here)

Another set of slides to support SPIM simulator projects

www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/teaching/B261/PowerPoint - slides on System Architecture (SPIM style as above)

Programmed Intro to MIPS (Handy fun help from Connecticut for SPIM)

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